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Company Profile
Ayadic was founded in 1995 and started as a small company in Riyadh. With a successful medical reputation in Saudi Arabia, we have maintained a gradual improvement in both finance and staff, giving us a boost in the booming supply market for good and innovative medical instruments. It was initially a simple local business with a lack of many relationships, and we expanded into more areas of biotechnology that gave us an appropriate amount of funding to do our business internationally. We revised our organisational...
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Company Products

HMC enzy

Medical apparatus for high-level disinfection (cold sterilization) for manual use of medical devices in the...

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enzy sponge is one clean step

Medical apparatus for high-level disinfection (cold sterilization) for manual use of medical devices in the...

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Cleaner 3E

The 3E Enzyme Cleaner is designed to be used for cleaning surgical instruments in the...

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Steam sterilization

Equipment manufactured to meet the needs of sterilization is required from any hospital incurable. With...

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Prohs automatic

Washer Washer allows proper washing, disinfection and drying of tools in CSD. Built in three...

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Brohs Steam Steam Stearizer

Visualization of small health centers, allowing faster sterilization cycles and less installation space, for use...

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Hospital Kopecl Curtain and Hall Fabric, Standard Height 27

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Hospital bed

Designed for Emergency Room Hospital and Shock Center Storage Box is stored with an integrated...

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Prepare and fill the table

Preparation and packing tables are specially prepared for sterilization chambers.

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Cervical cancer for adults

The LIFETIME collar is a one-piece rigid cercival spine immobilization device designed to assist the...

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Sleep Apnea is a significant disease that causes breathing pauses and corruption of sleep patterns...

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Full Face Mask

SleepTime Full Face mask system covers both nose and the mouth. By this way, you...

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Medical furniture

Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.

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