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Maintenance and spare parts

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Ayadic Medical

Based on accumulated experience in the field of medical devices maintenance and spare parts supplying, AYADIC Medical provides:

  • First maintenance contract in the Kingdom, including spare parts

AYADIC Medical Services provides specialised medical maintenance services for clinics and medical centres in professional ways based on a team of highly trained biomedical engineers. AYADIC also offers maintenance contracts include/exclude spare parts in accordance with international standards in the provision of maintenance services.

  • Original spare parts at competitive prices

AYADIC Medical provides original and compatible parts for all medical devices with remarkable quality and competitive prices, which includes

  • Rechargeable and limited-use batteries.
  • Sensors and connections for patient monitoring devices.
  • Thermal printing paper for medical devices of all kinds.
  • Bulbs and lighting fixtures for medical devices and dental chairs.
  • Spare parts of dental clinics (chairs, sterilisation, radiology, etc ..).
  • Spare parts Dermatology Clinics (Laser, Headpieces, generators, etc ..).
  • Spare parts for all medical devices upon request.
  • Everything you need for your modern clinic

AYADIC Medical offers a variety of products and solutions to the all department including:

Sterilisation devices (Italian, Portuguese).

Laser Devices (Polish).

Digital Imaging Solutions (Korean, Chinese).

Air Compressors (Slovakia, Chinese).

Surgical suction devices (Slovakia, Korean, Chinese).

Low and high speed turbine grips. (Italian, Chinese).

Apex locator. (Korean, Chinese).

Medical furniture for the modern clinic (Turkish, Italian).

One-time use products (Italian).

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