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Sleep Apnea is a significant disease that causes breathing pauses and corruption of sleep patterns during sleep. Sleep pauses in sleep would cause reduce in the amount of oxygen and increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in blood. SLEEPTIME PLUS CPAP/AUTOCPAP is used in home and clinical environments treatment of this disease. The purpose in using this device is to keep the upper airways open during sleep by applying continues and constant air pressure. SLEEPTIME PLUS CPAP/AUTOCPAP with special air pump, nasal mask, easy to carry ergonomic design, altitude compensation for accuracy in therapy, backlit LCD screen, very low noise level, easily integrated heated humidifier is designed to improve your quality of sleep and life. Using advanced sensor technology, SLEEPTIME PLUS AUTOCPAP automatically keeps the patient’s respiratory conditions. By using this control system, it provides reliable Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment to the patients.

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