Easy to store, portable and compact
Effective for use against bodily fluids
Smart SoChlor technology
Extensive educational product support

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Portable and compact, our Biohazard midi spill kit contains everything required to contain and clear spills of biohazardous nature. With SoChlor technology, this kit includes the necessary products to disinfect contaminated surfaces and minimise infectious risks that would otherwise be ineffectively cleared with standard cleaning procedures, such as using paper towels alone. With a combination of absorbent granules and disinfectants, this kit can be used to clean a range of bodily fluids. With SoChlor TAB technology – surfaces are disinfected, killing pathogens and reducing the spread of infection.

In an easily identifiable, yellow hard case, the Biohazard spill kit can be mounted for quick accessibility. This spill kit is inclusive of all required PPE, enabling swift and efficient spill management. The Biohazard Spill Kit is recommended for use in larger clinical areas and departments, including emergency rooms, where there is a greater risk of biohazardous spillage.

GV Health are committed to ensuring that your environment is protected. With extensive support and resources on our range of kits, gain a deeper understanding on how our kits are curated, and how to use them properly to minimise user error and keep your environment safe.


  • 100 x 2.5g SoChlor TAB tablets
  • 1 x 500g SoChlor NaDCC Granules
  • 1 litre diluter
  • 10 pairs nitrile gloves
  • 10 aprons
  • Paper towels
  • 10 clinical waste bags
  • 10 x scoops and scrapers
  • Illustrated instructions / poster
  • Recording card
  • 1x Robust yellow storage case
  • 1x Wall bracket